Boris Jineman Edit

Character Information Edit


Born: July 12 (Cancer)
Age: 17
Blood Type: A
Appearance: 179cm (~5'9") tall, rather unexpressive and always dressed in black.

Artifact: Winterer, a sword, a memento of his elder brother
Personality: Calm and somber, unfazed, no matter the situation. A bit of a loner.

Boris has blue-gray eyes uncommon in Anomarad, and long, striking purple hair down to his waist. Like Lucian, he is 17 years old. He is a swordsman, wearing only black clothing.

Despite not being too heavily built, he is a master of large swords and two-handed swords, and even uses the enigmatic Dark Swordsmanship techniques. His beloved sword, the Winterer, was passed on to him by Boris' brother, Yefnen Jineman when he died seven years ago in an accident... By right is a powerful magic-wielding sword, but due to some situations that power is currently sealed, and it is not any more powerful than a homely Buster Sword.

Boris has a calm personality, remaining cool under all circumstances. He is always poker-faced with a glum expression. He deals with things rationally, but he has a somewhat cynical, selfish attitude.Except for some special cases, he does not get on the case of others, and in fact avoids human contact as much as he can.

Uncharacteristic of his current occupation as an escort swordsman, he was born the second son of a powerful Travaches family of Jineman, but after the ruining of his family and his brother's death, he became a wanderer.

Having doubts about the events surrounding his brother's death, he roamed the continent in search of the truth about the accident. Upon coincidentally running into Domelin Kaltz and saving him from danger, he becomes Domelin's son, Lucian's guard on the condition that he cooperates in investigating his brother's death. Because of a deal made by Domelin and Lucian in regard to the matter of inheriting the Kaltz Merchants, Boris works with Lucian in Accipiter, a guild with ties to the Throne in the southern Anomarad harbor town of Narvik.

Boris uses two-handed swords, long swords and great swords.