Lucian Kaltz Edit

Character Information Edit


Born: April 4 (Aries)
Age: 17
Blood Type: O
Appearance: 176cm (~5'8") tall, blond hair, blue eyes
Artifact: Allegro, an ocarina, a memento of his grandfather
Personality: Active and brightly optimistic, Lucian always tries to help those around him, but is often obliviously irresponsible, rather like a child.

Seventeen years old, Lucian Kaltz dreams of reaching "The Ground of Mortality" who his predecessor, Lagrange Kaltz, reached. Lagrange was a famous and charming adventurer, but has since passed on. Lucian is a very optimistic person, always making up jokes in the wrong time and situation. With one-handed swords, such as Rapiers, he can be quite skilled, even masterful.

Lucian doesn't have much knowledge of magic, but he can perform simple magic attacks, and a few taught to him by Boris. He is only interested in the adventure he dreamed of when he was young, which his father has permitted him to do. If his father dies he becomes the successor of the guild Accipiter, the highest status in all of Anomarad. He works hard training with Boris, his best friend, and a guard in the Narvik branch of Accipiter while dreaming of the day when he can start on a journey to "The Ground of Mortality".

Lucian is capable of using one-handed swords, long swords and short swords, as well as a shield.