Maximin Liebkne Edit

Character Information Edit


Born: June 7 (Gemini)
Age: 17
Blood Type: O
Appearance: 178cm (~5'9") tall, light brown hair and eyes, glasses, thin physique.
Artifact: Mistral Blade (a sword stolen from a mansion)
Personality: Foul-mouthed, heavy drinker, impulsive.

Seventeen years old. He is part of the multinational mercenary guild Shadow and Ash. He is the eldest son of Widmark Liebkne who is part of an anti-monarchic government revolutionary movement that insists on the revival of democracy. He has short coffee-coloured hair which is usually messy, a thin physique, and brown eyes. He has a dirty mouth; which makes everyone else angry at him, he's a heavy drinker, and has a very impulsive nature.

Maximin is disliked for being lazy, but he can quickly analyze a situation, and come up with a solution, though he does this rarely. He hates politicians, aristocrats, and people in power, because he lived through the hardships with six younger brothers and sisters. His father sold their home, and joined the anti-monarchic movement, leaving his children behind.

His swordplay isn't fancy, just used to defend himself, so he doesn't fence. He practised his swordplay by using a thick stick to hit a log, and feels more comfortable slashing, than jabbing with a sword. Also, because he has a talent with wind magic, he can instinctively change the wind, though he does this without thinking because he doesn't pratice magic all that much.

While wandering about searching for work in Narvik, he accidently bumped into Leverrier, the leader of the Narvik Quest Guild of Shadow and Ash, and accepted a quest. He solved the quest "Becoming of the Blade" and became an agent of Shadow and Ash. Maximin spends most of his day looking for lost items and gathering information, because not much has happened recently.

Maximin is capable of using one-handed swords, long swords and short swords, as well as a shield.